Williams’ New Martini Racing Livery Is Bringing Sexy Back To F1

Image source: Williams Martini Racing

Doesn’t it look great? A look at the FW36 in its new colour scheme. Image source: Williams Martini Racing

Following weeks of speculation, we now have official confirmation that the Martini brand will return to Formula 1 with the Williams F1 Team.

Image source: Williams Martini Racing

The team ran a temporary livery as the Martini deal was finalised. Image source: Williams Martini Racing

The Grove-based outfit will now run under the ‘Williams Martini Racing’ moniker and the FW36 race car will feature the legendary blue and red-striped colour scheme in 2014.

Image source: Wolfgang Wilhelm

The Martini stripes received worldwide fame in the mid 70s. Image source: Wolfgang Wilhelm

The drinks company has a long and successful history in motorsport, which includes sponsoring Porsche in sports car racing in the late 1960s and Lancia in the World Rally Championship. It first became involved in F1 with the woeful Tecno team before forging alliances with Brabham and Lotus in the mid to late-1970s.

Image source: Martini Drinks

Massa enjoyed the Williams Martini Racing launch party in London. Image source: Martini Drinks

Ferrari reject Felipe Massa and young Finn Valtteri Bottas will race for the team in 2014. The Martini stripes will also be seen on the drivers’ overalls, team kit and the new Williams Martini Racing motorhome – which will feature the “Martini Terrazza” – a stylish rooftop destination that will be the place to be seen for those with paddock access.

Written by Lewis Shaw

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