RUMOR: 2016 Chevrolet Volt Will Usher In An All-New Chassis — What Would YOU Tell GM To IMPROVE?

I know I’ll likely to get into another Twitter spat over this but I am sticking to my guns: The current-gen Chevrolet Volt was not successful.

Sure, you can spin it anyway you want and claim that it outsold the first-gen Toyota Prius — using data over a decade old — to TRY and prove a point, but then you’d be an idiot.

The Volt was forecasted to sell upwards of 120k units in its prime. If I am not mistaken it didn’t break 30k units in a good year. Moving on…

Word on the street has come about that General Motors’ Chevrolet is preparing an all-new chassis for 2016. Whether that’s model year 2016 or the actual year is beyond us at this point. Given the lifecycle, I’d guess it would debut in the year; however, the company could be trying to push an all-new car out the door for the 2016 model year.

It’s not that the Volt was a bad car. It was a good car. But in a market full of GREAT products, it just didn’t connect with the market.

So, we turn to the AutoSpies faithful: what would YOU tell GM’s product team to ensure the next-gen Volt is successful and make everyone run and get one?

The 2016 Volt will be redesigned and developed on a new front-drive vehicle platform developed by General Motors.

A dramatic styling change is not planned for the car, however.

“It is different, but not drastically different,” according to a source who asked not to be identified. “Just really a bit of a styling change to it.”

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Written by Lewis Shaw

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