VIDEO: So, A GORGEOUS Woman, A Guy And An STI…Oh! And Toys!

You know, upon reading my headline again, that’s probably not what I originally intended.


Subaru’s marketing department apparently is getting into the short film business akin to other car manufacturers to pitch its latest ware. Though I know other companies have done this, I don’t think anyone’s pulled it off quite like BMW with The Hire. Just me though. Subaru’s schtick looks much more like something Quentin Tarantino would do though in an homage to old Hollywood. 

Called The Ride of Her Life, you can scoop the trailer below.

DoubleURXXX Productions presents a curve-hugging story of passion. Watch the full trailer for The Ride of Her Life on 3/13.

BUT wait, there’s more!

In addition to that little spot, the Japanese automaker also put out another promotion. This one is a bit more playful — pun intended. Featuring an RC Subaru WRX STI rally car, it goes up against these things called “stickbomb.” Essentially dominos but set up with popsicle sticks that are woven together. So, Subaru put the RC car up against the toy. Who wins? Find out below…

Have you heard of the toy, StickBomb? Flat wooden sticks are woven together under tension, which then fly apart like dominos when one is removed. So what happens when this toy is pitted against a radio control model WRX STI? Find out in this dramatic, fun-filled video.

Written by Lewis Shaw

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