Wicked Tech: World’s First Smart, Wireless Headphones

This is what the future of headphones looks like.

The Dash

Hate always having to untangle your headphones when you grab them out of your bag? Or, maybe they get caught on something when you’re running or lifting weights at the gym. Thankfully, an innovative new technology is about to change audio game forever — smart, wireless ear buds. That’s right, no cables, and with three different sized silicon sleeves they’ll perfectly fit any ear so you won’t have to worry about them falling out.

Created by Munich-based company BRAGI with Nikolaj Hviid’s design, these smart buds have been named The Dash. The company began a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to turn this concept into a reality, and they were met with overwhelming support for the product. An initial goal of $260,000 was surpassed in less than 48 hours! The Dash currently has over 12,000 backers and a total funding of over $2.6 million, making it the most successful European crowdfunding campaign ever. And it’s no surprise, it seems like these ear buds can do virtually anything!

“A 3-axis accelerometer measures movements and G-forces to calculate pace and distance while running, cadence while biking, or the number of laps when swimming.”


Dash communicate

The buds are controlled by touch, the left side controls tracking features while the right side controls the audio, from selecting a playlist, to adjusting volume, to taking a call. Yup, it also works as a Bluetooth headset and can deliver clear voice quality through an embedded ear bone microphone. While the buds are noise cancelling, they also have an ambient microphone built-in that allow natural sound to pass through, for example if you were running along the beach and wanted to enjoy the soothing sounds of waves.


dash track

The Dash also measures body vitals via red and infrared LEDs and an optical sensor. The two tiny LEDs emit light into capillaries in the ear, which are used to reveal the amount of white and red blood cells every 50 seconds, along with a precise heart rate and oxygen saturation level. A handy thermometer takes you temperature to alert you if your body is getting overheated. A 3-axis accelerometer measures movements and G-forces to calculate pace and distance while running, cadence while biking, or the number of laps when swimming.


Dash listen

Oh yeah, and it plays music. Four GB of storage (equivalent to 1,000 songs) will keep you entertained during your workout. Music can easily be uploaded through a USB connection. Your measured body data and tracked movements are also stored. You’ll get about four hours of play time on a fully charged Dash, with charging taking less than one hour via a USB cable. Or, if you’re a supporter, you’ll get a carrying case that has integrated batteries to charge The Dash anywhere, anytime. You can also extend the battery life through power settings that can be adjusted on your smartphone. When the product launches, an app for iOS and Android will be available for free.

Still not sold?

Dash case

If you’re a developer, you’ll be happy to know that The Dash comes with a developer mode in which you have complete access to processed or unprocessed data and audio feeds. If you’re creating your own application, you can integrate The Dash with it for a whole new host of opportunities, such as being able to translate conversations in a foreign language, being able to identify injuries with 3rd party sensors, or being used by firefighters to monitor health and improve communication through use as a walkie-talkie.

Get amazing sound with The Dash while also having complete comfort and free movement. There’s only three weeks left to order on Kickstarter for $199, so you better get on it, because prices will increase once it hits the market. Early pledge deliveries will begin as soon as July of this year.

Written by Lewis Shaw

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