Top Gear Burma Special, Part 1, Video Open Thread

Top Gear Burma Special, Part 1, Video Open ThreadS

Hey everybody, have you heard? It’s Christmas, according to Top Gear! And, accordingly, that gives us the first part of this year’s belated Christmas special. This time the boys are in Burma, in trucks, and possibly into some shenanigans.

In tonight’s episode:

– Richard Hammond wears jorts

– Jeremy Clarkson wears a tie

– James May wears… well, whatever he wears normally I suppose

And for all the delights of this episode, Jeremy is already promising on Twitter that part one is just okay, but part two will be SO MUCH BETTER.

Top Gear enthusiasts. Honesty time. Part 1 of the Burma special tonight is OK with some good moments. Part 2, next week, is a bit special.

— Jeremy Clarkson (@JeremyClarkson) March 9, 2014

Clarkson, for that matter, seems more excited about the program’s Australian wrap party. He even had the same reaction you would if former Formula One driver Bruno Senna random showed up at one of your tepid shindig:

Oh my fucking God. Bruno Senna is at our massive party

— Jeremy Clarkson (@JeremyClarkson) March 9, 2014

Guesses on what the hell Bruno’s doing go in the comments.

Live in the UK, which is clearly the only place you could have watched actually it today, of course? Or do you have a fanciful machine that lets you it acquire it through other means? Let us know what you think of the newest episode of Top Gear in the comments below.

Written by Lewis Shaw

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