Bugatti to reveal final Legend editions in Beijing, Pebble Beach August

Rembrandt Bugatti edition Veyron Vitesse

While it wouldn’t be fair to say it stumbled upon it, having invested unprecedented amounts to develop the Veyron in the first place, Bugatti has certainly arrived at a winning formula with its special editions. Take on the world’s most expensive and desirable supercars, give it a special paintjob and name, and presto! You’ve got a multi-million-dollar prospect on your hands of which collectors just can’t seem to get enough.

If that was the case with previous special-edition and one-off versions of the Veyron – and there have been many – it certainly applies to the company’s “Les Legendes de Bugatti” line. The series pays homage to six legendary figures from the marque’s history, each honored with a run of three special versions of the Vitesse roadster done up in their name with a unique color scheme inside and out. It started with the Jean-Pierre Wimille edition at Pebble Beach in August and continued with the Jean Bugatti edition in Frankfurt, the Meo Costantini edition in Dubai and the Rembrandt edition (pictured above) at the Geneva Motor Show last week. That leaves two more to go, and now we now what to expect – or rather, when to expect it.

In correspondence with Autoblog, Bugatti confirmed that it will reveal the fifth model at the Beijing Motor Show next month, and the sixth and final version at Pebble Beach in August. But just what will they be? All signs seem to be pointing toward pioneered female racer Elisabeth Junek for one of them – likely the next – but if we had to guess, we’d suspect that the final version will honor Ettore Bugatti himself. We’ll just have to wait to find out for sure, but whoever Bugatti names them after, you can bet they’ll all sell out rather quickly.

Written by Lewis Shaw

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