Catch Up With The Tuareg Rallye Raging Across The Tunisian Desert

Catch Up With The Tuareg Rallye Raging Across The Tunisian DesertS

The trailer doesn’t tell us too much about the Tuareg Rallye, but all you really need to know is that it’s a seven-day scrum of motorcycles, support trucks, buggies and “cars” charging through the dunes, deep sand, hardpack of the Tunisian Desert.

Sounds an awful lot like the name of Volkswagen’s SUV I was so fond of, and I do believe both names are in reference to the same nomadic Saharan people despite different spellings.

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All up it’s quite a bit shorter than the Dakar; the longest motorcycle day is 370 kilometers with four-wheeled vehicles running a maximum of 330 kilometers. It’s also a lesser navigational challenge; routes are known to competitors before the starting flag is waved.

We’re already three days into the event, which kicked off on March 7th and will conclude on the 14th. Thankfully, the Tuareg Rallye organizers have put together nice little video clips for us to catch up with, which I’ve compiled below.

Truck Yeah! will start sharing new info on the event as it comes out. I reckon one of our foremost duties as a truck-enthusiast news source is the promotion of off-road races… especially ones you might not already know about!

Pre-departure, “Day 0″:

[embedded content]

Day 1:

[embedded content]

Day 2:

[embedded content]

Stay tuned for more!

Written by Lewis Shaw

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