Driver Crashes Car To Escape Bee Attack

Driver Crashes Car To Escape Bee Attack

Two drivers were stung by bees hundreds of times after one car collided with a tree and angered a hive. How did one of the drivers escape? By crashing her car again.

The 51-year-old woman fled in her car from the initial outpouring of bees, crashed, then leapt into a backyard swimming pool to escape the swarm.

The other driver was neither as lucky nor as daring, KCRA 3 News reports. A 17-year-old girl, she jumped out of her car and was covered in furious, stinging bees until a deputy found her. He sprayed her with a fire extinguisher and they ran to safety from the enraged painimals.

Both drivers are currently being hospitalized.

Photo Credit: Warner Bros

Written by Lewis Shaw

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