Italian-Iranian Facelifts his BMW M6 with a Sledgehammer for the Second Time

You could say Pourmohseni Hadi has a very complicated love-hate relationship with his E63 BMW M6 Coupe. Some of you may remember Hadi’s antics from last year’s Frankfurt Motor Show  when he parked the V10-powered coupe outside the entrance of the Frankfurt am Main center and started destroying the car with a sledgehammer to protest what he claims to be, poor customer service from BMW.

At the time, he stated that he would restore the vehicle and do the same. And guess what? He actually followed up on his words with actions, bringing the car outside of the Geneva Salon this week and demolishing it again in front of the cameras!

As we reported last year, Hadi said that, soon after acquiring the M6 brand-new for €120,000 ($166,400 at today’s rates) from a BMW dealership in Italy, the car started making rattling noises and severe jolts during gear changes. The angry owner stated that he tried to get BMW to fix the car but they refused to address the alleged problems.

By John Halas

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Written by Lewis Shaw

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