MINI Paceman, Coupe and Roadster May Not See Replacement Models

The strange MINI reversed baseball cap-like Coupe and Roadster models, and the two-door crossover Paceman, the latter having just been launched, may not get replacement models.

Proof that not all the management’s decisions were met with oodles of appreciation from buyers; we now learn that the BMW subsidiary is looking to build its range around three “pillar” models.

It’s odd that they say this, when the most Mini-like new MINI, the production version of the cute and promising Rocketman concept never came true.

A report from Autonews Europe quotes Oliver Friedmann, MINI’s head of product management, who explained the brand’s need for models that are “more relevant for more people,” (don’t they all…) adding that the number one priority right now is to “roll out a portfolio that has strong pillars and to be absolutely clear what each stands for.”

The same company voice lets us know that the regular three-door hatch and the Countryman are two of these pillars, and they’re seeking a third that won’t be any of the two in the opening paragraph.

As spy shots prove, the upcoming Clubman will be the one to fill the third pair of available shoes in the core range of the British brand.

By Andrei Nedelea


Written by Lewis Shaw

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