Opel's Next Flagship Will Be An Eco SUV: Ugggghhh

Opel's Next Flagship Will Be An Eco SUV: UgggghhhS

Remember when brands’ halo vehicles were sports cars? Yeah, not for Opel.

CarScoops reports that Opel will be making its gorgeous Monza concept car into a flagship vehicle for the brand (yay!) and that it will be an eco-friendly SUV (boo!).

There was a time when halo vehicles were sports cars, but these days if you’re a car campany that wants to get the most new tech and design to the most people, you aim for the SUV/crossover segment. Hyundai’s doing it, Cadillac’s been doing it for years, and Opel looks to be going in that direction, too.

And Opel will take the low-consumption/efficiency route for its high tech. The Monza SUV/crossover thingy may get a 1.0 liter three-cylinder compressed natural gas engine working as a range extender for electric drive.

That makes sense, but it doesn’t exactly get the blood flowing, does it?

Written by Lewis Shaw

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