Our Nightmare Might End And Mini Might Kill The Paceman

Our Nightmare Might End And Mini Might Kill The PacemanS

We’ve always thought that the Mini Paceman was an awful unfunny prank that Mini was playing on the world at large. Thankfully, Mini might have realized that. The Paceman might die.

The report comes in Automotive News, which says that Mini wants to go to a brand hierarchy that has three pillar models. That would mean the Hardtop, the Countryman, and a new Clubman based on the concept that was just shown at Geneva.

What that means is that the Coupe and Roadster, which I rather like for reasons I don’t quite understand, and the Paceman, which I rather dislike for reasons I definitely understand, would all be under the knife.

Oliver Friedman, the head of Mini Product Management said “The Paceman is also not a first priority.” This is the best news ever.

Hopefully, Mini will also consider a smaller model to slot under the hardtop, like the Rocketman Concept. Y’know, something that’s actually Mini.

Written by Lewis Shaw

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