Pump Up Your Volume: LaFerrari and Ferrari Enzo Drive Through Tunnels and Hills

Even though the Ferrari LaFerrari is far quicker than its predecessor, the Enzo, a car that nowadays can be outpaced by a 458 Speciale, the two models are comparable in terms of exclusivity and, of course, noise.

YouTuber Marchettino recently managed to catch the two generations of Ferrari flagships alongside one another in order to try to discover which sounds best.

The Enzo features straight pipes and just sounds more raw than the LaFerrari, though, who knows, maybe it too can match it with a similarly open exhaust. At first, I thought the developers of the game Forza 5 didn’t do that great a job with recording the sound, but after hearing this, it would seem that they did…

On first impressions, then, this Enzo wins the sound battle against this (stock) LaFerrari. There’s also a second video where the two V12-powered cars meet up for a quick ride on the hills. Watch both below.

By Andrei Nedelea

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Written by Lewis Shaw

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