Scoop: Mercedes Brings the Thunder with Estate Variant of C63 AMG

If there were any doubts lingering about Mercedes-Benz’s intentions to offer an Estate (T-Model and Wagon are two other monikers used by Stuttgart) version of the new C63 AMG, these fresh spy shots are here to place them at rest. Whether it will be sold outside of Europe and specifically in North America, however, is another story…

Despite the heavy body cladding, there’s no way you can miss the huge brakes and calipers peeking through the alloy wheels, as well as the quad exhaust pipes resting on the rear bumper.

In production guise, the C63 AMG Estate will also have flared wheel arches, a more extensive aerodynamic package together with a different hood and grille from the regular C-Class station wagons of the W205 series, expected later this year.

Besides getting more room and practicality for luggage at the back over the upcoming C63 AMG sedan, the two body styles will share their sports-trimmed interiors and performance upgrades, including a new 4.0-liter bi-turbocharged V8 engine with a minimum of 450-horses in base form, and if Mercedes does add a Black Edition, in excess of 500hp.

The C63 AMG Wagon will likely be offered exclusively with an automatic transmission and rear-wheel drive.

By John Halas

Photo Credits: CarPix for CarScoopS



Written by Lewis Shaw

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