Spy Shots: Most powerful Mercedes C63 AMG ever hits the test circuit

Mercedes-Benz C-Class AMG

While the next Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG has been rumoured to get a new twin-turbocharged, 4.0-litre V8 with somewhere between 450 and 500 horsepower, the looks of the actual car have been a mystery – at least until now. Our spy shooters have caught Affalterbach’s latest creation during cold-weather testing in Sweden, and it’s surprisingly understated.

The front and rear are still under camouflage, but a few details can be made out. The front air dam has been significantly enlarged, presumably to feed cool air to those two reputed turbos. At the rear, you can glimpse the quad exhaust outlets integrated into the diffuser. The trunk also appears to be hiding a tiny lip spoiler. The ride height also seems somewhat lower than stock, as would be expected for an AMG model. Otherwise, there aren’t many changes on the outside – at least not yet.

There are still some lingering questions about the Mercedes’ upcoming model. For example, we don’t know if the C63 name is staying or if the smaller engine will force a change. The sport sedan is expected to be revealed by the early portion of 2015, but its official debut date and location remains unknown.

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Written by Lewis Shaw

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