Startup Watch: Think Uber, but With Handlebars

Zohar Lazar

Pull over, Uber: Cars aren’t the only mode of transportation in the ride-sharing game. Smartphones and cheap cloud software have made it easier than ever for other pickup startups to get rolling.

Social Bicycles
$1.3 million raised in a seed round (May 2013)
Users find and reserve two-wheelers through the web, the app, or a keypad on the bike itself. Locks and GPS units mean they can be left at any rack—no need to return them to a central location. Cyclists can also track miles traveled, calories burned, and CO2 reduced.

$3.2 million raised in a Series A round (September 2013)
Billed as “the Google bus for the rest of us,” this company offers 16 routes in the Bay Area, shuttling registered passengers to and from locations that get established based on demand. Firms share buses, allowing for inter-company mingling.

Scoot Networks
$1.8 million raised in an undisclosed round (November 2013)
Jack your smartphone into these battery-­powered scooters (it functions as your key and your payment method) and zip around the San Francisco hills on the cheap.

Written by Lewis Shaw

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