The Next Volkswagen Scirocco Could Be A 330 HP Ultimate Scirocco

The Next Volkswagen Scirocco Could Be A 330 HP Ultimate SciroccoS

High on the list of forbidden Euro-fruit is the Volkswagen Scirocco R, a stylish and sporting hatchback that VW chooses not to sell in the U.S. for various reasons. But let’s hope that mindset changes with the next generation because it could get even hotter.

The UK’s Car magazine reports that there are two proposals in VW-world for the next-generation Scirocco: one is a more conventional two-door Golf, and the other is a balls-out performance car. You can guess which one Car, and we, would like to see them pursue.

The next car is said to be lower, more coupe-like, and with a more accessible hatchback. But more importantly, it will be more potent in the speed department. The MQB-platformed car may ditch the current 276 horsepower 2.0-liter turbo four for one with 300 horsepower, and also 4Motion all-wheel drive, which is on the Golf R but not the front-drive Scirocco R.

Car says there’s also talk of a lighter 330 horsepower “RS” version with minimalist rear seats and aluminum bits. That sounds fun. So do the lesser models, said to once again be Golf-sourced gasoline and diesel engines.

When will we see this next Scirocco? Car says it could be 2017 at the earliest, which is a bit surprising because it will mean the current car will have been around for close to a decade by the time it’s replaced. Then again, the Scirocco just got a refresh for 2014, so maybe it will be sticking around a while.

Written by Lewis Shaw

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