Top 10 cheap cars that’ll make you look rich for under $20,000

What you drive often says a lot about you, as like it or not, many people tend to judge or assume things based upon the type vehicle you have (see Top 10 things women notice about your car). But just like those misleading online dating profiles with photos taken over 10 years ago, looks (or in this case, cars) can be quite decieving.

We set out to name the top 10 used cars that’ll make drivers look rich for under $20,000. From luxury cars and SUVs to flashy sports cars and convertibles, we’ve rounded up the Top 10 cars that’ll make you look like a high-rolling big spender without breaking the bank. Click here to flip through the full list of cars that made the cut and let us know if we missed any via our facebook page.

Best Car for $25,000

Written by Lewis Shaw

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