A BuzzFeed Quiz Is A Bad Way To Decide What Car You Should Drive

A BuzzFeed Quiz Is A Bad Way To Decide What Car You Should Drive

You could have someone who writes about cars every day tell you what kind of car to get, but the answers are going to be limited. That’s why you go on the Internet, where you might end up on Facebook or Twitter and get sucked into a BuzzFeed quiz. Don’t do it if you’re looking for a car.

Normally, I avoid BuzzFeed quizzes. They never give me the right answer and always tell me the Gilmore Girls guy I’m most like is Rory’s dad, which tells me it’s too heavily weighted on the question about what jacket I’d most like to wear.

I had hopes for the “What Car You Should Actually Drive?” quiz. It sounds like an easy way to narrow down the choices in a crowded market, and one that would probably appeal to “car-hating” Millennials.

A BuzzFeed Quiz Is A Bad Way To Decide What Car You Should Drive

Unfortunately I kept getting DeLorean, which isn’t really up my alley. So did a bunch of other Jalopnik writers. Turns out, changing your decade to the 2010s and your driving song to Drunk In Love changes your selection to “Porsche 991 convertible.” How? Witchcraft.

So it’s a huge waste of time like all the other quizzes. But that’s OK, because quizzes are useless for making big decisions like this. What you need is a flowchart.

We’ve already showed you how to decide your next new car or classic car purchase. And the flowcharts work much better, because I got Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider and Saab 96 and that just seems more accurate somehow.

But remember, the most correct answer to “What car should you actually drive?” is still always Miata.

Photos: Wikimedia Commons

Written by Lewis Shaw

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