Dennis Hoyt sculptures. Poetry in (wooden) motion

Dennis Hoyt sculptures. Poetry in (wooden) motionS

Meet Dennis Hoyt. He’s an artist, a keen petrolhead, and creative genius behind some of the finest automotive sculptures we’ve ever seen.

Since he was a young boy, American born Dennis would spend hours gazing with longing at whatever automotive treasures drove past his family farm, or more specifically the tree he happened to be sitting in to get a better view. In 1984 though, Dennis’ enthusiasm took on a whole new dimension when he started creating the stunning pieces you see both above and below. From a single block of wood.

Dennis Hoyt sculptures. Poetry in (wooden) motionS

If the patience and due diligence used to create them isn’t impressive enough, so too is the clientele that have bought them: even Formula 1 legend Sir Stirling Moss got in touch with a deposit cheque in 1987.

Across the wood, durable metal is layered to help strengthen the overall artwork. Such delicate work means each sculpture – which measure up to twelve-feet long if not more so – can take between six months to a year to build.

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Written by Lewis Shaw

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