Foolish Baja Girl Lives Another Day to Perform Another Senseless Act

Seriously, now, here’s another one of those “you can’t make this kind of stuff up” stories. When attending a race, the very last place you want to be as a spectator is in the middle of the track, yet for the stupidest of all reasons, a young girl deliberately walked across the line and stood with her back facing the oncoming racecar to have her picture taken.

It happened at a recent stage of the San Felipe 250 off-road race that takes place on Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula every year, towards the end of February or in early March.

It’s not absolutely clear from the low quality phone video, but if it didn’t touch her, the off-roader racer missed her for inches.

Watch the unbelievable footage below.

By John Halas

[embedded content])

Written by Lewis Shaw

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