For $13,900, This Audi S6 Is An RS-ed Development

For $13,900, This Audi S6 Is An RS-ed Development

The ad for today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe Audi claims it was once driven through a freaking window. That’s resulted in it having a salvage title, but you’ll need to decide if its RS looks will in turn salvage its price.

The price for yesterday’s 1977 Monza Mirage proved itself to be no mirage, and with a 64% Nice Price win it was like an oasis of ’70s goodness amongst a sea of… well, other stuff that wasn’t so cool. A quarter century separates that Chevy from today’s Audi, and that’s far from all that does. Similarly however, they both represent models that have been modded to look like hotter versions of themselves.

This 2002 Audi S6 has an interesting rags to (sort of) riches back story. Let’s get to that in a sec, but first let’s ruminate on the genealogy of the various Audi 6-series models from a decade ago. First there was the A6, offered in sedan and Avant body styles, and a competent road car on its own. The A6 was made available with everything from a 1.8-litre four to a V8 offering more than twice that displacement, and in Europe was used as taxis and middle management rides.

For those wishing to turn up the wick a bit, Audi also offered the S6 Quattro, introduced on the C5 platform for the 1999 model year and having the 5-valve 4.2-litre V8 as standard fitting. Going to 11 on the C5 Audi however was the milieu of theRS6, which expanded on the S in all directions but perhaps most importantly in the number of turbos appended to its V8 mill, it having two, and the S having none. The RS was a freaking rocket, offerings gender-changing levels of acceleration.

Here in the U.S., the S6 was only available as an Avant, which of course is what we have today. Sporting 102,000 miles on the clock this silver bullet is said to have been totaled when someone drove it through a plate glass window at a dealership back when the odo had just turned triple digits. Like Steve Austin however, the car was rebuilt not just to factory specs but something a little more muscular looking, that of the RS6.

For $13,900, This Audi S6 Is An RS-ed DevelopmentS

The changes look to be mostly visual, the car now sporting the deeper valances of the RS model, front and rear, as well as that car’s 5-spoke alloys in place of the S’s 6-ers. There’s also brushed aluminum trim on the mirrors, hatch, and roof rack, and a few other trim bits for the whole R look.

Mechanically, the ad notes bigger brakes than on the S, as well as plumper exhaust. What that means to performance is anybody’s guess as the most important part of the RS package is missing, and that’s the 444-bhp bi-turbo V8. Instead, this RS look-a-like rocks its S-stock naturally aspirated edition of the same mill, which is still good for 340-ponies and a zero to sixty time of just over five ticks.

For $13,900, This Audi S6 Is An RS-ed DevelopmentS

The 4.2 is backed up by a ZF five-speed with flappy paddles, and the ad claims the timing belt (interference engine with five valves per pot, remember) was changed at 50K. That would indicate that it’s soon due for another and if memory serves that’s not a small job. There’s also of course Audi’s phenomenal AWD and pretty much every bell and whistle Audi could pack into their luxo-sport mid-sizer with the notable exception of Audi’s DRC suspension, which was RS-only.

Other than the obvious issue with the title, which doesn’t faze the present owner at all, this looks to be a sweet ride. Both body and interior seem to be in completely serviceable condition, and while an enormously complicated machine, the ad says everything still works as it should. But is it worth $13,900?

For $13,900, This Audi S6 Is An RS-ed DevelopmentS

That’s the asking price, and while the seller claims KBB placing the price on such a model at between 14.5 and 18.5K, that doesn’t account for the yin and yang of the sullied title and more butch body work. What do you think, do those two aspects cancel each other out making this S6 an S-Car-go? Or, do you think this S masquerading as an RS has a price that’s not fooling anyone?

You decide!

Portland Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to Nicholas for the hookup!

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Written by Lewis Shaw

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