Man Buys Fiancée's Dream Car For Adorable Gearhead Proposal

Man Buys Fiancée's Dream Car For Adorable Gearhead ProposalS

He already had a ring from his grandma, so why not get his fiancée-to-be her dream car while he’s at it?

This is Jalopnik user Frankenheidi_Liiiives. he was going to propose to his gearhead girlfriend at an autocross, but when he saw another couple go viral for doing the same thing, he had to think of something else to do. So he bought a ’75 Mini, hid it in a storage locker, and surprised the woman he wanted to marry with a car and a ring at the same time.

Here’s his description, posted to Kinja today.

Turns out my (spoiler alert) fiancee is as much of a car nut as I am, and has always wanted a classic Mini. Since I already had a ring courtesy of my grandma, I figured what the hay, let’s see what they cost. Answer: a lot. Except for this one 1975 Austin Mini on ebay that, aside from a “customized” roof courtesy of a sign and a drunk driver, was in beautiful shape. Oh, and it was virtually in my back yard. That right there is a sign, folks. So, I bought it and put it in a storage unit (it’ll fit in a 7.5×12′ unit with enough spare room to work on it). Gave the key to the unit to my girlfriend for a birthday present, but gave her no information on the key for the two weeks leading up to this video.

[embedded content]

Watch the video, it is absolutely heartwarming.

The ring, the Mini, the whole thing is adorable. What is it they say, a couple that wrenches together stays together?

Written by Lewis Shaw

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