Project CARS Trailer Promises Digital Driving Bliss

Project CARS is really shaping up into a very nice looking game that already challenges the best Forza 5 or Assetto Corsa can muster, and since it’s still in development, the only way for it to go is up. The latest trailer builds on that and shows us a wider variety of cars than we had previously seen.

Currently in an early-beta (or late-alpha) stage, Project CARS’ developers, Slightlymad Studios need to make sure the physics are up to scratch, because no matter how pretty a game is, if it’s a racing game, the precision of the controls and the behavior of the car will be what breaks it.

And it’s not like Slightlymad haven’t screwed up before – they have. Need for Speed Shift and Shift 2 were two very attractive looking games with a decently varied vehicle roster, deep(-ish) car modification engine that even allowed for motor swaps, many tracks and an overall polished feel. However, the controls were dreadful unless you used a wheel; the mark of a good racing game control method is for it to work well and be playable/enjoyable with the keyboard arrow keys alone.

If it fails that test, then you know it will all be a laggy steering mess that will hold you back and seriously detract from the driving experience (like the two Shift games). Let’s hope they don’t make the same mistake twice three times and during the testing phase only use controllers for the PC and play that way – hire proper quality assurance testers that do a thorough job.

By Andrei Nedelea


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Written by Lewis Shaw

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