Video: Canadian made Chevy Equinox ad is doggone tear jerker

Chevrolet Equinox Maddie video

In the need for a good cry? Chevrolet has you covered with its new ad for the Equinox. The video showcases the trifecta of cinematic sadness – an aging dog, languid piano music and gauzy cinematography.

We won’t spoil where things go, but it’s incredibly clear within five seconds how it’s going to end. Of course, the broader question is whether something so tearful helps sell cars. Is this tactic going to associate sadness with the Equinox in buyers’ minds? Scroll down for the video… but have a handkerchief handy if you’re a dog lover.

There’s just one important bit that we neglected to mention: this commercial wasn’t actually approved by Chevrolet as best we can determine. Maddie was conceived and filmed by a Canadian production company, and submitted to a contest sponsored by Chevy and MOFILM.

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Written by Lewis Shaw

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