What's The Cheapest Car With A Gated Manual Transmission?

What's The Cheapest Car With A Gated Manual Transmission?

We mourn the death of the gated manual gearbox on the next Audi R8 not only because it was awesome there but because gated manuals in general seem to be disappearing at an alarming rate.

Once a staple of exotic cars, they’re an increasing rarity now as more and more high-end performance machines move to quicker paddle shift transmissions. Those are wonderful, but they just aren’t the same.

As a result, true devotees of the gated manual will have to go used. So Jalopnik reader legalbagel posed this interesting question on Twitter:

@Jalopnik @MattHardigree @bypatrickgeorge what’s the cheapest (priced as new, or current used price) car available with a gated manual?

— legalbagel (@legalbagel) March 11, 2014

And you know what? I’m really not sure. My guess would be some sort of well-worn 1980s Ferrari, like a Mondial as Neil Macmillan suggested.

You readers might have a better idea though. What’s the cheapest new or used car with a gated stick shift? Bonus points if you find an actual classified listing to prove it. And no, those conversion kit things don’t count.

Photo credit Barrett-Jackson

Written by Lewis Shaw

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