900hp Porsche 911 Stuns McLaren 12C and Radical Drivers on Silverstone

Stuart McKay from The BHP Project just shared with us this short video clip from a recent drive around the Silverstone GP Circuit in the UK.

McKay, who was behind the wheel of a Radical, says both he and the driver of a McLaren 12C were dazed when a heavily modified 993-generation (the last of the air-cooled models from the mid-1990s) Porsche 911 with some 900-horses “absolutely obliterated” them down the Wellington Straight at Silverstone.

It would have been interesting to learn how fast they were going at that point, though, McKay did respond to a related question on YouTube saying that, “it’s pretty clear that none of the drivers are hanging around”.

By John Halas



Written by Lewis Shaw

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