Blimey! Truck Slashes Through Ferrari 458′s Body in London

If you’re looking for a reason why many petrol-heads are hesitant to leave their beloved rides (irrespective of price) parked on city streets, then look no further than this nasty crash involving a red Ferrari 458 Italia and a large articulated lorry in Kensington, west London.

The metal panels resembling a bumper on the end of the truck pinched the rear wheel well and sliced up the Ferrari’s fender right up to where the door starts.

A Daily Mail posting said that the driver, who is believed to be a visitor in the area, was “visibly shocked” upon his return – you should see how “shocked” the trucker’s insurance agency will be after they receive the bill…

“Police were called at approximately 2pm to Kensington Square to a collision between a lorry and a parked vehicle,” a Metropolitan Police spokesman told the news site. “The parked vehicle is a red Ferrari and the lorry was a white DAF truck.”

By John Halas

Story References: Daily Mail , Video: YouTube, Photo: Daily Mail / Robert Kearney

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Written by Lewis Shaw

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