Breaking: Michael Schumacher shows ‘Small, Encouraging Signs’ that he will wake

Doctors Trying to Bring Schumacher Out of Coma
Formula One champion Michael Schumacher is said to be showing “small, encouraging signs” that he may awake from his medically induced coma, according to his agent. It’s now been over two months since the shocking ski crash left Schumacher fighting for his life in hospital after suffering severe head injuries.

While wild rumours and updates on his condition continue to swirl in the media, today’s statement went on to describe this as “an extremely intimate and fragile situation” for his family.

“It is very hard to comprehend for all of us that Michael, who had overcome a lot of precarious situations in the past, has been hurt so terribly in such a banal situation,” Sabine Kehm, a family representative, wrote in a statement. “We are and remain confident that Michael will pull through and will wake up. There sometimes are small, encouraging signs, but we also know that this is the time to be very patient.”

Small signs that physicians are watching for could include fluttering eyelids, or efforts to breathe without a ventilator. Doctors put Schumacher into a coma to rest his brain and decrease swelling, and they operated to remove blood clots, but some were too deeply embedded. Neurologists not involved in his treatment say full recovery appears increasingly unlikely, given the coma’s duration and the extent of his injuries.

“Every brain injury is different and no two routes to recovery will be the same,” said Luke Griggs, a spokesman for Headway, a British brain injury charity. “It is fair to suggest that any patient waking from a three month-long coma will face the prospect of a long and challenging road to recovery, with the eventual outcome uncertain.”

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Written by Lewis Shaw

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