Holy Shit: Husky® Swivel Hose Assemblies Receive UL Stamp of Approval

Holy Shit: Husky® Swivel Hose Assemblies Receive UL Stamp of Approval

It’s happened. It’s finally happened. I’m still reminding myself that it’s all real: the new Husky Swivel Hose assemblies have received the coveted approval of the Underwriters Laboratories. This is it, people. The day we’ve all been dreaming about.

If you like pumping gasoline through flexible tubing, today is a fantastic day for you. I’m having to take breaks to remind myself to calm down. Here’s what Husky had to say:

UL Certified Swivel Assemblies for Hardwall and Wirebraid Fuel Hose Swivel Hose Assembly models CP 12 (for 3/4 inch fuel hose) and CP 16 (for one-inch fuel hose) comply with all applicable UL safety requirements for use with hardwall or wirebraid curb hose and whip hose. UL sets the safety standard for customers. Certification is required for dispenser equipment on the fuel island at gas stations.

“The CP 12 and CP 16 swivel assemblies meet or exceed safety standards for pull, electrical conductivity, pressure, and hydrostatic tests,” said Husky Project/Design Engineer Brian Wolff. “They work extremely well with EagleFlex® Hardwall or Wirebraid high-performance curb hose and whip hose.”

Did you get that? Meets or EXCEEDS standards for pull, conductivity, pressure, and hydrostatic tests. Fuck, I’m hyperventilating. Shit. Okay, Jayjay, just calm down. Breathe.


Calm calm calm. Shhhhhh. Okay. Okay.

Fuck it. I’m going to order some motherfucking fuel hose.

Written by Lewis Shaw

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