Lamborghini Looks towards Huracan as Volume Seller

Like the Gallardo before it, the Huracan will be a mass-market Lamborghini. Yes, it’s a supercar, that looks and (very probably) drives like it should, but unlike Ferrari, which is adopting a tactic of scaling back production to maintain exclusivity (and somehow still manage to make more money than last year, despite selling fewer cars…), Lambo will make as many of these as they can.

In fact, they don’t just want to sell many of them, they want to sell the most they’ve ever sold, beating the Gallardo’s 14,022 record.

This can/will be achieved if sell more than 2,000 cars per year (all models included), and it would be ideal to beat the Gallardo’s best yearly total of 1,844 vehicles shifted, which was the oh so economically joyful time of 2008.

Sales will also jump dramatically when they add an SUV to the range. This model probably won’t look like the Urus, and it’s suggested it could arrive in 2017, though company CEO Stefan Winkelmann admitted to CarAdvice that they’re “still working on it.” He added: “The interest is always on that which is not present – but we are focusing on Huracan, and in the future when the time is mature we will discuss more about the third model.”

By Andrei Nedelea



Written by Lewis Shaw

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