Need For Speed gets the old ‘cats driving R/C cars’ treatment

Knead fur Speed

The Internet loves cat videos. It’s just a fact. And we love car movies. So the combination of the two should be perfection. The folks at The Pet Collective have created a feline-centric parody of the Need for Speed trailer in what it calls Knead fur Speed.

The promotion for the movie has been ubiquitous recently, and star Aaron Paul has been making the rounds of all the talk shows. But this recasts him as an adorable, orange tabby. It’s actually a pretty cute video combining recreations of some of the trailer’s best stunts with RC cars and adding a cat wearing sunglasses.

The natural evolution of this is to follow the movie’s roots and make Knead fur Speed the video game. Players would select their bored-looking feline and souped-up car and go on a cross-country journey evading the police, which would possibly be played by dogs. Scroll down to get your daily dose of Internet cat movies.

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News Source: The Pet Collective via YouTube

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Written by Lewis Shaw

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