Red Bull does one heck of a job explaining the 2014 F1 regulations

Red Bull F1 regulations explained

Formula One tweaks its regulations from season to season, but every so many years (or decades), it revises them so thoroughly that it ushers in a new era of racing. That’s just what we’re looking at this season. We’ve seen countless explanations of the new regulations, but few of them manage to break it all down – and put it back together – as well as this computer-animated clip from Red Bull.

The team has released the video below just in time for the season opener at the Australian Grand Prix this weekend. But after languishing in pre-season testing, if Red Bull hopes to regain its form in time for the inaugural Austrian Grand Prix at its own Red Bull Ring in Spielberg – let alone defend its world championship – it’s going to need more than some fancy animation.

The last round of testing in Bahrain saw Williams and Mercedes come out on top, followed by Ferrari and Force India, with Red Bull way down in 10th and 18th place. Of course it may be too early to tell anything from test session times, but there’s already talk – from within the team, no less – of Sebastian Vettel jumping ship if his team can’t get up to speed (both literally and figuratively) and give him a winning car.

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News Source: Red Bull via YouTube

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Video: Red Bull does one heck of a job explaining the 2014 F1 regulations

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