South Dakota dealer filled to brim with classic cars

1956 Hudson Rambler Custom Wagon

Other than the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and Mount Rushmore, South Dakota isn’t generally a hot topic, but that just means that cool stuff can hide in the open waiting to be discovered. Case in point: the classic car dealer Frankman Motor Company that operates three locations in Sioux Falls, SD.

Unearthed by the folks at Bring a Trailer, Frankman is a treasure trove of vintage, American iron. Their collection is full of the type of vehicles your irresponsible but cool uncle would show up with when you were a kid. Even better, these cars are priced at a level a working man can afford.

1956 Cadillac Deville Hard TopIf you are lusting about a cruiser then Frankman has a 1956 Cadillac Deville Hard Top Sedan (pictured right) with 82,896 miles for $12,975. It’s painted a color called Cascade Grey, but looks more like a pastel purple in pictures. While it needs some repairs to the accessories, the Caddy runs and drives, which is all you really need.

For a dose of performance in your classic, Frankman has a 1970 Dodge Dart that packs a 340-cubic-inch (5.6-liter) V8 and lime green paint for $25,875. It claims that it has 200 miles since a recent restoration and comes with the original build sheet.

Maybe you want to have the weirdest car on your block. In that case, the there is a rare 1956 Hudson Rambler Custom Wagon (pictured above) for $26,875. Its combination of mint green and white two-tone paint and oddly shaped rear is going to grab everyone’s attention. Plus, it has also recently been restored.

It’s really worth checking out the dealer’s whole collection, and it’s heartening to know that you don’t have to be a millionaire to afford a fun, drivable classic.

Written by Lewis Shaw

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