U.S. Secret Service Wants Proposals for New President Limo – Any Ideas?

In 2017, the U.S.A will have a new president in office. It will also have a new presidential limo that will replace the current vehicle used by Mr. Barack Obama since 2009, nicknamed “The Beast“, which is based on a truck, but has the appearance of a stretched Cadillac DTS.

Last Friday, the Department of Homeland Security communicated a new General Services Administration contract posting on its official website seeking bids for the design of the next-generation presidential limousine. The contract will be awarded by August 29, 2014 “based on best value to the government”, and the rolling office will have to be ready for use by 2017.

Not all automakers are eligible, however, as the contract states: “This solicitation is restricted to Major Domestic U.S Automobile Manufacturers, who have their primary headquarters located in the United States of America.”

The Secret Service said that the project will encompass four separate phases, with the first one, that involves armor development, already underway.

“Phase 2 work will include integration of the armor design developed during Phase 1 of the program,” reads the proposal. “Phase 2 requirements will include selection and integration of final automotive components, chassis, interior, exterior, and test vehicle fabrication and automotive component testing. Phase 3 will be focused on automotive validation and Phase 4 production of vehicles.”

So, any ideas on what car should offer its body for the next presidential limousine?

By John Halas

Story References: U.S. Gov. , TTAC & Detroitnews


Limio-Presidential-1Cadillac Presidential Limousine1993 Cadillac Fleetwood Presidential Limousine1996 Cadillac Presidential LimousineLimio-Presidential-4Limio-Presidential-5President John F. Kennedy and Mrs. Kennedy in Custom LimousinePresident Harry S. Truman and a 1947 Cadillac LimousineCadillac Presidential LimousineCadillac Presidential LimousineCadillac Presidential Limousine

Written by Lewis Shaw

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