?We Have an Irish Whiskey Master Here: Ask Him Whatever You Want

​We Have an Irish Whiskey Master Here: Ask Him Whatever You Want

Check your job title at the door—unless it happens to be “Master of Whiskey” for the oldest licensed distillery in the world. In that case, we’d like to know a little more.

Today, we’re lucky to have Mr. Gerry Graham from Bushmills here to answer your questions. Anything at all you want to know about whiskey. From roughly noon until about 1PM EST! But start dropping in your questions now, and Gerry will start answering them

Graham works for Bushmills so he’s going to know most about that and Irish whiskey, but when he stopped by the office a few weeks ago to give us a taste, he was more than ready to talk about anything having to do with distilling and booze.

What exactly is a “Master of Whiskey?” He explains:

Master of Whiskey is a position within [Bushmills parent] Diageo where our whiskey ambassadors are put through extensive training courses such as Malt Advocate, a week long course guided by luminaries such as Charlie Mclean & Dave Broom alongside our Master Distillers and Blenders. We spend time at our distilleries working alongside the distillery teams at each step of production from malting to mashing, fermentation, distillation and maturation. I cover the USA for Bushmills and a typical week will involve traveling state to state talking about our whiskey to the public, press and media while at the same time working with our distributor partners and our accounts all over the country providing education, running events and building relationships in the trade.

So Gerry knows his booze! Ask away!

Written by Lewis Shaw

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