A Gigantic Ferrari Amusement Park Is Coming To Spain

A Gigantic Ferrari Amusement Park Is Coming To SpainS

Imagine this scenario: You’re stuck in Europe, the most boring of all the continents, and your screaming brats are sick of being dragged through museums and ancient churches. What are you to do? Starting in 2016, you’ll be able to take them to the Spanish sequel to Ferrari World. Sweet.

This morning Ferrari announced plans for an 807,000 square-foot amusement park and resort outside Barcelona called, naturally, Ferrari Land. It will be about a third the size of the opulent Ferrari World located in Abu Dhabi.

Despite some initial bumps, Ferrari World — the world’s largest indoor theme park — has largely been a success, having recently switched to a seven day schedule to meet rising attendance numbers. They’re going for a repeat here in Spain.

What does one do at a five-star Ferrari-themed hotel theme park? Stay at one of 250 rooms, dine at fancy restaurants, indulge in a driving simulator, and possibly vomit after riding Europe’s highest and fastest vertical accelerator.

A Gigantic Ferrari Amusement Park Is Coming To SpainS

Ferrari Land will be built inside the existing PortAventura resort and park, which already draws 4,000,000 visitors a year, half of whom are from outside Spain.

Says Andrea Perrone, CEO of Ferrari Brand:

Ferrari Land will delight the whole family and not just Formula 1 fans. We will continue to evaluate other proposals for theme parks outside Europe at our leisure: the brand is our most important asset and we have to enhance its value without diluting it.

Emphasis mine. I have an idea on how to do that — test drives in Ferrari 250 GT Lussos. Fun for the whole family!

A Gigantic Ferrari Amusement Park Is Coming To SpainS

Written by Lewis Shaw

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