Arnold Wants You to Hop in a Tank with Him and Schwarzeneggerstroy for Charity

The Terminator is back…sort of. Hollywood action movie star and ex-governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, has published a new online video titled “Will It Crush?” in which he’s promoting a chance for a fan and a friend to “ride in his tank together, crush something together, work out together, smoke cigars together” and “live like Arnold for a day”, all in the name of charity.

The 66-year old Austrian-born actor said all proceeds from the competition will benefit the After-School All-Stars program that raises funds for after-school activities for kids.

“This idea came from Reddit, so I want to give credit where credit is due,” writes Arnie on the YouTube video description. “Specifically, it came from ‘ipeeinyourshower’ who has better taste in video ideas for charity than usernames.”

In the video, Schwarzenegger hops in his M47 tank and goes on a crushing rampage.

“Hi I’m Arnold Schwarzenegger. After hard work, laboring and slaving away, I have finally achieved my life-long dream,” he explains in the clip. “And it is not to do Terminator or to do Conan the Barbarian or anything like that – no, not at all, but to finally possess my own f*cking tank!”

If you’re feeling lucky and/or just want to help out with the cause, head over to the Omaze website.

By John Halas

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Written by Lewis Shaw

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