Audi A4 S-Line vs. AWD Ford Fusion Titanium – Are Those Four Rings Worth $7500 Extra?

Like Dug, the golden retriever — SQUIRREL! — in Pixar’s classic movie “Up,” I am easily distracted.

Especially by attractive vehicles. I’ve been driving this terrific AWD Audi A4 with the S-line package — FUSION! — but I find my eyes wandering to gorgeous, AWD Ford Fusion Titaniums.

Still, the A4 is a luxury car and the — FUSION! — Titanium is a mainstream midsize, right? First class vs. coach class. Rolex vs. Timex. Ginger vs. Mary Ann. Think again. Though Ford has been coy about the inspiration for the Fusion’s Aston Martin-cloned grille, company execs have made no secret that the Fusion sets an upscale standard for Ford family design.

“Our new styling is about bringing in a more premium look,” says Naj Nair, Ford Motor Co.’s group vice president, Global Product Development.


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Written by Lewis Shaw

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