Audi to Add 17 New or Revamped Models to Lineup this Year

Audi wants to make 2014 its year, in its quest to outgun its main rivals. To support its ambitions, the manufacturer from Ingolstadt will release no fewer than 17 new or updated models over the coming months – it also expects higher profits in 2014 over 2013, primarily based on growth in China.

The all-new TT is the car that sets the tone for other releases during the year – the count probably includes both it and the new S1.

A Bloomberg report says that Audi will even keep beavering away at their laborious electric R8 development process, probably in the quest to have something to match BMW’s impressive i8.

Details are sparse, but we know for certain that of those 17 announced models, we can mention facelifted A6, A7 models, an all-new Q7 and possibly a new RS3 that have a very high chance of arriving before we see 2015 on the calendar. The production-spec Quattro is still a longer way away, though, based on what we currently know.



Written by Lewis Shaw

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