Backfires Brief No. 7 Winners: T M and Trochu Have Best Argument for Next Corvette

Backfires Brief Corvette

Backfires Brief Corvette

We knew Backfires Brief No. 7 was going to be an interesting one when we pulled future Chevrolet Corvette speculation into the fold. We asked our Backfires members to tell us what kind of Vette they’d produce in a few years if they were an all-encompassing “Corvette Oz.” We enjoyed reading through the submissions, but the one that garnered the most votes was Backfires member T M’s thoughtful submission, “The C8 Corvette – What It Might or Might Not Be.”* T M did a great job weighing the pros and cons of traditionalism within the Corvette fanboy ranks in a measured and intelligent way before rendering his verdict on the car’s future.

We mentioned that there would also be an editor’s pick for best argument, and we selected Trochu, “Future Corvettes, Times are Changing” as our favorite. Trochu made the best case for a revolutionary mid-engine, Chevy-badged sports car in spite of his wariness of re-using the Corvette nameplate. He forecast performance superior to 911s and unspecified Ferraris, which we can get behind, and also calls for a smaller-displacement boosted power plant to replace today’s V-8. Even hybridization was put on the table. Overall, Trochu’s balancing of the longstanding dream of a mid-engine Corvette with the harsh realities of life in a more fuel efficient future earned our nod. –Don Sherman, Technical Director

Both T M and Trochu will be receiving a poster-sized, staff-autographed cover of our March issue, featuring the 2015 Corvette Z06, as well as having their submissions shared with the actual Corvette decision-makers when we meet with them to discuss the C8 strategy.

As always, we appreciated all of your submissions and hope every Backfires member participates in the next Brief—whether you’re a Level 4 (and above) member submitting an entry or any Backfires member punching a vote.

You must be a level-four Backfires member (as denoted by the lightning bolts associated with your username) to submit entries for Backfires Briefs, so make sure you’re posting and otherwise busying yourself to gain points. Any Backfires user can vote for their favorite Backfires Briefs. And if you’re not a Backfires member yet, sign up here.

*Repeat winner maarp tied for most votes, but T M will take the prize

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Written by Lewis Shaw

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