Ford Says it Won’t Target Low-Cost Models with New Ka

Ford has dismissed rumors that the next-generation Ford Ka, previewed by the five-door Ka Concept last year, will be aimed at budget rivals such as the Dacia Sandero. Ford of Europe boss Stephen Odell said the Ka supermini has been designed to meet customer needs.

The third-generation Ford Ka will be built in Brazil and will represent a significant departure from the current Ka that was co-developed with Fiat (based on the 500).

First and foremost, the new Ka should be slightly bigger and more practical than the current model, as it is a five-door. “We’re not pushing down with the next Ka so much as meeting the requirements of the market. There’s a clear demand for cars of this size and price,” Odell was quoted as saying by Autocar.

The executive denied that Ford is looking to compete with low-cost models. “We are not going up against the value brands. We might be priced towards the top end of their offering and the lower end of the middle market, but that’s a function of offering a car customers want,” Odell explained.

He also said that the upcoming Ford Ka “will offer something very different to the Fiesta, at a very different price.”

By Dan Mihalascu



Written by Lewis Shaw

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