Jeep May Build Sub-Renegade Model, Says Unlikely Rumor

While the need for a model bigger than the Grand Cherokee is understandable in the Jeep range, since there are rival brands who offer such models and they can’t currently compete, we find it unlikely that the American brand could add a sub-Renegade model to its range.

According to an Autoexpress piece, the proposed larger model would revive an old name (Grand Wagoneer) and become Jeep’s equivalent of Mercedes’ seven-seater GL. Don’t expect to see this model hit European shores, though.

The sub-Renegade rumor doesn’t seem right. Yes, it would make some sense to go even smaller, but the Renegade is already built on a jacked up small car platform (that of a Fiat 500X). Information from the UK magazine suggests that one idea would be to use the platform of the upcoming next-gen Fiat 500.

Apparently, the main reason why they’d even consider doing this image-hurting strategic move is to be able to keep their CO2 emissions low throughout their entire range – a small front-wheel drive model would do wonders for that; it would probably be very expensive to reengineer the next 500’s platform to also accommodate 4×4.

The model would rival the likes of VW’s Taigun or Ford’s EcoSport.

By Andrei Nedelea



Written by Lewis Shaw

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