Look at What Happened to a Mitsubishi Lancer After Roof Dumped an Avalanche of Snow

Holy ice crap indeed. We’ve looked at these pictures over and over again, yet we still can’t fully comprehend how the hell could this kind of damage be caused to the silver car after heaps of snow spilled off a roof from a building in a small village in the Republic of Bashkortostan, a sovereign state within Russia.

It’s not that the older generation Mitsubishi Lancer’s roof collapsed – that’s understandable, but the fact that the car’s doors remained in place. It’s like the snow cut through the metal.

There is a possibility that there may have been a sheet of ice in the snow, while the wooden planks and metal rods scattered around the car suggest that parts of the building’s structure collapsed too and fell on the vehicle. Maybe the car’s sides were surrounded/supported by snow as well. Still, it is a puzzling incident.

According to local news reports, luckily, no one was in the car or standing below when it happened.

By John Halas



Written by Lewis Shaw

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