San Francisco Is Getting A Drone Delivery Service For Pharmacys

San Francisco Is Getting A Drone Delivery Service For PharmacysS

It’s night and you suddenly realize you need some toothpaste/Vagisil/condoms/off-brand iPhone chargers. But you don’t want to wander down to the pharmacy. Well, have no fear, San Francisco is getting drones to deliver it all for you.

Now, QuiQui, which is entering beta soon, will only deliver in the Mission District. But it sounds rather interesting. It’s only for pharmacy goods (so, the aforementioned hygiene products, prescriptions, etc), but they seem to think deliveries will be taken care of in as little as 15 minutes. Also, the cost of the delivery service is just a dollar.

That’s pretty cool.

There’s also the chance that some enterprising pharmaceutical thief could find a way to take your goods once the drone drops them. Or, if you are getting something like Oxycontin or Percocet, drug dealers could theoretically just get deliveries from the sky that they steal from people who really need it.

Oh, and nobody in their right mind would want to steal a drone or shoot at it or throw things at it. Nope. That’s definitely not a thing that would happen. Also, drones crashing into people wouldn’t result in a lawsuit at all ever. Nah.

Other than that, sounds excellent.

Expect Amazon and its drone delivery service that is totally real and happening (totally!) to watch this extremely closely.

Written by Lewis Shaw

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