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Ride in a Tank With Arnold Schwarzenegger and CRUSH Stuff For Charity (VIDEO)

crush a tank with Arnold Schwarzenegger

The action hero, bodybuilder and former California governor is giving a fans the chance to ride shotgun with him in his “own fucking tank”  while he runs over anything you like – from a copy of Million Dollar Baby – to an giant Easter egg.

Oh, it gets even cooler. He’ll even be smoking a big fat cigar while doing it!

You can enter to win a chance to ride shotgun in his M47 Patton tank here.  “Go on do it, get in da tank” (Arnie voice)

Here’s what Arnie has to personally say about it:

“I don’t cry no you didn’t just pass out. I’m inviting you personally the Los Angeles the crashed into my tank with me. All you have to do is go on  Just going to pump a bit home as this will benefit the after school program.Well, what are you waiting for come to Los Angeles let’s go around crush things with a tank.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger tank crush “Million Dollar Baby makes me cry, so lets crush it”

Arnold Schwarzenegger crushes things in tank “Is a weight bench with 501 pounds, I’m gonna crush my own record”

crush stuff in a tank with Arnold Schwarzenegger “You could sit here in Arnie’s “own fucking tank”

Arnold Schwarzenegger in tank“Let’s crush a taxicab”

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Written by Lewis Shaw

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