Fierce Crash Ends World’s Longest Car Jump Attempt (VIDEO)

World's Longest Car Jump Attempt Ends in Crash

French daredevil driver, skier, and rally racer Guerlain Chicherit’s Guinness World Record jump attempt was promoted all around the world last week. Chicherit was aiming to surpass Tanner Foust’s 332-foot record with a 360-foot jump in a modified MINI Countryman rally car.

The jump, which took place this past Sunday, March 16, started well enough, with plenty of distance to clear the enormous gap. But the landing didn’t go so smoothly.

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Toward the end of Chicherit’s flight, the MINI nosed down sharply, landing almost perpendicular to the ramp and cartwheeling down to a stop, resting on its side.

The wreck looks scary–and almost certainly was from Chicherit’s perspective–but fortunately he emerged from the MINI under his own power and has since been cleared by a precautionary MRI. He’s fine, apart from a few minor injuries.

Though the jump record attempt failed, Chicherit has already logged the world’s first “unassisted” car backflip–in another modified MINI rally car.

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Written by Lewis Shaw

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