The Flamethrower Option For My BMW Please… (VIDEO)

South African Car Flamethrower

You would think a flamethrower on your car would be a future car option but it turns out this James Bond style option was available in the late 90’s in South Africa.  

It was called the BMW Blaster, specifically designed for the Johannesburg area in South Africa. The Blaster would protect the driver from potential carjackings as they were on the up in the area at the time.

A Flamethrower Option For Your BMW Was Once A Totally Real Thing

Jalopnik explain why they didn’t take off:

“The device sold only a few hundred of them before being discontinued, due to poor financial return. It’s thought that a number of these are still installed on cars in South Africa, though the carjacking problem, while still one of the worst in the world, isn’t nearly as bad as it once was.”

Written by Lewis Shaw

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