10 Of The Most Ridiculous And Unnecessary Car Features

There are an inexhaustible number of add-ons and features for every make of car, some of which you may think are a bit on the silly side. However, we have come up with a list of features which cross that line without hesitation.

10) Infotainment Pack -Bentley


If you have the money to splash on a Bentley of this caliber, then you have the money to spend on these build in iPad stations, for all your entertaining needs.

9) Pulsating Speaker Lights – Kia Soul


Is it bad I actually kind of like these? Despite that, I can still agree that are quite ridiculous. Adding the quirkiness necessary to compete with cars like the Fiat 500, it also seems like they ran out of ideas.

8) Pop-up Dash Speakers – Audi


180-degree Tweeters live in your Audi, rearing their head everytime you turn on the stereo. As amusing as this may be to watch, I can’t help but think it’s a little unnecessary.

7) Top Speed Key – Bugatti Veyron


Inserting this special key makes the Bugatti 2.6 inches from the ground, rather than the normal 3.7, allowing butt-clenching speeds of 254mph.

6) Granite Trim – Mercedes


Because nothing says class than having one of the heaviest possible stones mounted in your car. It’s not going to help with speed or performance, but hey, if you’re purchasing this kind of car, you’re probably more about style and being pretentious anyway.

5) Door-Mounted Umbrella – Rolls Royce


Everyone needs teflon-lined umbrellas, whether that be for yourself, or your chaffeur. Popping out at the touch of a shiny chrome button, the fact these are hidden within the door seems a little ostentatious.

4) Perfume Dispenser – Fiat 500


A pretty odd extra for your Fiat 500, this dispenser takes up one of your cup holders, and will keep it smelling just wonderful. Snazzy, huh?

3) Starlight Ceiling – Opel Adam


Made famous by Rolls Royce, this feature also makes an appearance in the Opel Adam. Despite the Adam being touted as a quirky and modern car, I feel the target audiences for this car and the Rolls Royce are very different indeed. Except that the Opel Adam’s version is not nearly as impressive.

2) Motorized Cup Holders – Cadillac

Have you ever seen anything as ridiculous as this? Since when did cup holders need to be motorized? All they need to be is a cup-sized hole.

1) Whale Leather – Dartz Prombron Monaco Red Edition


Crafted from the sex organ of a male whale, the interior of this car caused a lot of controversy. Of course, many thought this was a joke, but the laughter was silenced when it wasn’t. This outcry later led to whale leather being discontinued for the normal variety.

Written by Lewis Shaw

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