Here’s Your Chance To Buy The Knight Rider KITT From ‘The Hoff’ Himself


There aren’t many TV-show cars we get all soft in the knees for, but KITT is one of them. This KITT isn’t one of the original cars used in filming, but it does have a David Hasselhoff pedigree.

Built by a fan, Jennifer Catano, who then gave the car to Hasselhoff, this KITT is as authentic and true to the TV show Knight Rider car as you’re going to get (and much better than those KITT Mustang abominations from the show’s 2000s reboot)–and it’s starting at just $15,000. Estimated sale price is between $30,000 and $50,000.

So what makes this car so special? It includes the yoke-style steering wheel, scissor doors, dynamic ride height, and exterior lighting you expect of a true KITT car. A custom digital dash and console complete the driver’s eye look, and a custom soundboard with over 4,000 sound clips from the show add a layer of talking-KITT realism.

Sadly, the Turbo Boost function isn’t included in this homage car.

You can find the auction listing at Julien’s Live.


Written by Lewis Shaw

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